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Game Save Battery

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Type: 1616

Have your cartridge-based games stopped saving? Bring them back to life with a brand new save battery available in 3 models: CR1616, CR2025, and CR3032. Compatible with a wide range of consoles and platforms such as Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis.


  • Restores battery-backed features like save files and in-game clocks (such as those found in RPGs)
  • All batteries include pre-attached solder tabs to simplify installation
  • CR1616, CR2025, and CR3032 models available - please consult your game to determine what model you require prior to placing an order. 


  • 1 x Replacement battery in a model of your choosing


  • Depending on your cartridge, you will either need a security bit or a tri-wing screwdriver to open the game cartridge and identify and replace your battery. These tools are offered separately or as part of our video game console repair tool set
  • Before placing your order, open the game cartridge to confirm which type of battery you need by examining the internal circuit board
  • We strongly recommend soldering the battery in place to prevent it from disconnecting and erasing your save file


  • Make sure you're grounded before prying the battery off the internal circuit board to avoid causing damage to your game or bodily injury

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