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Acrylic Game Boy/GBC/GBA/Virtual Boy Game Box Protector

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his high quality acrylic display case is designed to fit Nintendo Game Boy GB/GBA (Game Box) with their original packaging. Evoretro offers the finest quality acrylic display cases on the market today. 

When viewing one of our cases, you will notice that every edge (including internal edges) is polished to a clear, glossy sheen using a high heat hydrogen-oxygen flame. In addition, the bending angles we use help to better light any item within one of our cases. These are just a few of the differences which clearly identify any CGA case as the world’s front runner in both quality and durability. Our UV upgraded cases offer up to 99% UV Protection! High quality Nintendo Game Boy Video Game Acrylic Boxes with a slide bottom lid. These are made with super sturdy thick acrylic. 


  • KEEP YOUR COLLECTION MINT Forget about dust and fingerprints with this extra thick crystal clear soft plastic sleeve covers. Stack and display your rare or favorite GB / Best GBA games in their original packaging without worrying of any box damage.
  • EASY TO PEEL PROTECTIVE FILM Each case is individually wrapped with its own wrapping film that keeps the protector from getting scratched
  • Made with super thick Acrylic
  • UV Resistant
  • Slide Bottom Tight Fit Lid so the game box is secure
  • Super rigid construction
  • Dimensions: 13 x 2.9 x 13cm